The Rescue - A Comedy in 3 parts

Part the First

A Minor Noble on a Backwater Moon has hired us to rescue a female family member, who was duelling with light rapiers, and lost. She was taken by her opponent and is being held for some nefarious reason or another – so far so good.. This is right down my alleyway. Attack the compound, blow everything to kingdome come and zoom out to safety on a speeder bike.

But no. It can never be that easy. The man is a member of Imperial Intelligence. Which means he cannot afford to see our faces, or even hear our descriptions, or the Empire will know exactly where we are. And as routes from this sector are few and far between, we would be bottlenecked and captured before we can say “we are not the droids you’re looking for”.

Secondly, his hidey-hole is on an even MORE backwater mudball. Some kind of Game Reserve – just what I need, more annoying quadrupeds yammering away. Why couldn’t this be a simple hit and run. Live captives are always trouble.

At least we can get TO His little summer home relatively easily. And we keep an eye on it from the treeline as night falls.

There are 2 figures, presumed Guards, mobile on a patrolling pattern. Four emplacements/guard posts with one, possibly two heatsources in each of them. The Barracks has 20 people, looks like sleeping, in there. If we do this quietly, or can lock down the doors, we shouldn’t even wake them until we are on our way out. There’s a further 10 people in what is listed on the plans as the Servants Wing. Upstairs from there, we have 5 more people on the next floor. Ten more on the floor above that. And only one on the top floor, who appears to be female.

If only we could drop in through the roof and grab her, and escape without alerting anyone else. There’s even a Lambda Class shuttle on the pad, waiting for some sneaky pilot to power it up as we are on our way out.

I look around at our ‘group’. A pacifistic bird, a hornheaded Jedi, an anomid technician… Vilo’Man the bounty hunter, and a pilot who has already been captured by the Empire once. At least I brought a couple of stealthy Mouse Droids too, so we have a nice little surprise if we need it.

What I wouldn’t give for a Holocaust Cloak, and a Wheelbarrow.

(Z appears at this point and informs you that he has found an Albino snooping around the forest. He tried to interrogate him but he jogged his memory a little too hard)

Part the Second

Okay, a plan. A plan. I am sure we can come up with a plan if we try hard enough. Vilo’Man, Janak the Pilot, Z the droid and I can take out a guard post each with little difficulty, reducing the chance of anyone raising an alarm. Maybe Victus can lock down the Barrack and Servants Wing doors so we remove all wild cards from play. That would only leave the patrolling pair of guards to really worry about, and the 5, and 10 life forms on the next two floors, by which time, we have surprise on our side. If we have Kes’Kri flying reconnaissance and Zaal to usher the girl along so the rest of us can fight a retreating action, I think we have the basics for a plan.

That should minimise incidental exposure. We cannot afford to be captured on video or sensors, though. I wonder if Victus remembered to pack a sample of the virus she made.

Part the Third

The Rescue - A Comedy in 3 parts

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