The Jedi Temple of Mors Colis

The temple was founded less than 100 years ago by a group of Jedi from the White Haven faction. Oddly it was founded by Jedi Master Colton Aster as a refuge for Jedi who no longer wished to be involved in the political fighting of the two factions. Since its founding they have been joined by a number of Jedi from both factions as well as a few unaligned force sensitives who wish to study.

The temples focus is the Lightside and no Darkside techniques are taught here.

The temple is relatively self-sufficient and the compound is well equipped if not very large. The current membership consists of one Master, five full Knights and a dozen students at varying levels of training.

The current head of the temple is Master Yanasa Aster the daughter of the original founder of the temple.

The Jedi Temple of Mors Colis

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