Secretos Sector

Sacretos Sector:

Sacretos Sector is a sector of space lying across the colonies, the Mid Rim and just crossing into the Outer Rims. Sacretos was settled roughly 3000 years ago following the blazing of the famous Netrekkan Corridor which is now a major Inter Sector trade route. The sector is rich in Raw Mats and Agricultural produce making it an important part of the Galactic Empire.

Following the creation of the Netrekkan Corridor the surrounding systems were rapidly settled and a number of Mining Companies and Colonies were quickly established on significant planets throughout the sector. As the sector expanded the Corporations and Companies that were there started to war amongst themselves. It began as incidents of corporate espionage and escalated to all out war. It was not until some of the original colonies to have settled this space joined together and appealed to the Republic for membership that peace was finally established within this sector, and even then the remaining colonies and companies maintained significant military assets to protect themselves from elements outside of the republic.

The population of Sacretos is predominantly human though there were seven indigenous sentient races that called Sacretos home before the colonies arrived. Of the Seven original races only four of them have made it into the Imperial Era.

Due to the war ravaged history of the sector and the independent nature of those people who actually live there the sector initially resisted Imperial occupation. Due to this Sacretos sector was a late addition to the galactic empire. It took a dedicated invasion fleet to capture the sector capital, and it takes a fully augmented Sector Fleet and Army to keep the sector relatively quite. As such Sacretos sector is a hotbed of Rebel activity. Because of this the empire have entered into a rare agreement with some of the more loyal planets within the sector allowing them to maintain their own defence forces under certain restrictions such as only 10% of craft within the fleet are allowed to be fitted with Hyperdrives engines.

Since the Imperial Occupation a sector Moff has been installed and the Capital planet of the sector Ord Min’Tai has been changed into a veritable stronghold. Currently a Shipyard capable of building capital scale vessels in is under construction. From here the Emperor’s representatives keep the trade route back to the Core open and serviceable. The parts of the sector that do not hold strategic importance or major resources are pretty much ignored and the section of the Netrekken Corridor that reaches out to the Outer Rims is almost never patrolled and on those rare occasions when it is never by less than a full line of battle. This is due to a combination of Imperial policy and Pirate Activities.

Sacretos sector consists of 168 Stars. Of which 92 contain habitable systems. Of these habitable systems only 22 have natural M class atmospheres. The other 70 systems have either undergone considerable terraforming or employ such methods as Atmosphere domes or sealed complexes. Almost every star system within Sacretos sector has some level of habitation even if that consists of only a small mining plant or Agricorp.

An Introduction to Secretos Sector
by Professor Nyrian Trant, head of Political Studies Candian University
(died tragically shortly after publication of this document)

Secretos Sector

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