New Martial Arts Abilities

New Abilities:

“Bound Slave” AKA “Turtle on its back”

Difficulty – 10

If the character can beat the difficulty with a DEX roll then they can negate the difficulty penalties for fighting when prone. The character still counts as Stunned during the first round and is still not allowed to attempt Dodge rolls. This is a free action and does not count against multiple action penalties.

Pre-emptive Strike:

Difficulty – 25

Allows attacker to strike first in any combat turn for STR-1D damage. If the attacker beats the difficulty by 10 the attack cannot be parried or dodged.

Flip Kick:

Difficulty – 20 attack roll followed by Difficulty 15 Climbing/Jumping roll to land successfully

This delivers a kicking attack normally aimed at the upper body. Characters employing this technique can make no other attacks in that round but can still parry and dodge. Damage of the kick is STR+2D plus the target is knocked back 1D meters and unless they can make a Difficulty 15 Dex check are knocked prone.

Intercepting Fist:

Difficulty – Opposed Brawling test

This ability allows you to use your Brawling skill to parry incoming attacks with attacks of your own. You must beat your opponents attack roll to be successful. If you are successful damage delivered is standard for the type of attack used in the interception. If trying to use a martial arts ability on the interception then you are required to beat the difficulty number by the difficulty of that ability -10.

For example if using intercepting fist against an attacker who has rolled 25 on their Brawling attempt, and you wish to intercept with a nerve punch then to succeed in the nerve punch you would need to roll 40 (25-10) on your attack roll to be successful. If you chose to use an ability and fail to meet the modified difficulty then you fail to make the intercept and the attack gets through.


Difficulty – Varies

This ability is used following a successful parry. It allows you to deliver a free counter attack. It does not count as an additional action the first time a riposte is used in a round but subsequent riposte’s will begin to impose multiple action penalties.

Riposte’s can only ever be standard attacks and not Martial Arts abilities. This ability is not compatible with Power Block ability and cannot be used simultaneously.


Difficulty – 25 or 15 if subject is unaware of attacker, to establish hold. An opposed Brawling test is required each round to maintain the hold.

Once the hold is established damage is done in the first round. On subsequent rounds an opposed Brawling test is required to do damage or break the hold. If the attacker beats the opponent roll by 10, damage is inflicted. If the defender beats the attackers roll by 10 then the hold is broken. If neither party beats the other by 10 then the struggle continues into the next round.

For each round that the hold is maintained the person who loses the opposed brawling roll receives a cumulative -1D to their brawling skill on subsequent rounds. This is cumulative with wound and multiple action penalties in any given round.
Once the hold is established damage done is either killing or stun damage depending upon the choice of the character employing the skill. Damage is done as standard with characters matching strengths.

New Martial Arts Abilities

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