Martial Arts Rules

To become a Matial Artist first you must purchase a martial arts package which will give you access to some martial arts abilities and in the case of some styles some special bonuses. These are described under Martial Arts Styles.

You now have available to you a number of ability slots equal to the number of dice you have in brawling. Which are used to select abilities from any package that you own up to your total number of free slots.

If you do not have any free slots you may purchase additional abilities slots above your dice allotment. If the ability you are purchasing is contained within a package that you have brought then the additional ability costs 5SP.

If the ability is outside of any packages that you possess then the cost is 10SP.

Note that not all abilities are available under each style and in each style some abilities are banned meaning they cannot be purchased even using the rules outlined above for purchasing abilities outside of your package. If you wished to purchase a banned ability you must purchase another package that contained the ability or was not banned from it.

The abilities available are those described in the spec forces hand book. Additional homemade abilities are described under the heading New Martial Arts Abilities.

Martial Arts Rules

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