K’Tara (Costs 50SP)

K’Tara Martial Arts is the last remnant of a society and culture that has been lost to the Galaxy for millennia. Little is known of the race that left behind this martial art. The art has been practiced for thousands of years with the methods recorded in a large variety of media. It is rumoured that this art outlived its society in the form of archaic tomes imprinted on metal tablets. The level of truth behind this rumour is unknown.

• +2D bonus to Dodge and Brawling Parry skills

• Gain access to the following abilities: Blind Fighting, Disarm, Flying Kick, Footsweep, Instant Stand, Multiple Strikes, Nerve Punch, Reversal, Spinning Kick, Pre-Emptive Strike, Flip Kick, Intercepting Fist and Riposte, and Turtle on its Back.

• Banned Abilities: Power Block, Headbutt, Elbow Smash and Grapple/Hold


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