The following are the partially decrypted war journal entries of Johanne Schattenkrieger . Christopher Madine . Nathan Christopher Madden.

War Journal

I have decided to keep a record of events in my mission to destroy the foothold of the insidious Empire, my former employers. It has now been nearly two years since my beloved Aliya died and I can feel her calling to me, and I long to feel the warmth of her arms once more. But I cannot go, I cannot give in to that temptation until the Empire has paid for what they did to her.

My team consists of Viloman, a licensed bounty hunter, and the closest thing I have to a friend; Janak, a pilot of tremendous skills, not least of which is comfort eating; Victus, the mute Anomid technician who is unable to take a life, even in self defense; Zaal, our secretive Jedi associate. Yes, a Jedi. I thought they were all dead and gone after Order 66. I guess the Empire isn’t as infallible as it wants everyone to think, Jedi survived; ‘Zedd’ (or Z-2637CIU) the Counter Insurgency Droid – If Viloman is my closest friend, Zedd is my closest equal. ‘He’ has a skillset that resembles my own, and as much care about imperial and enemy casualties and collateral damage as I do. Perhaps even less; And finally, at the starport, we picked up a Twi’lek guide, called ‘Roach’, who seems awfully inquisitive and especially when it comes to Zaal. She might be a spy for the Empire, or one of the other factions out to kill us. I’ll have to keep an eye on her.

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