Echani Martial Arts

Echani Martial Arts (Costs 15 SP per Coban):

The Echani art is an unarmed combat discipline developed by the Echani. Tradition dictated that combatants (usually) made no use of armor, weapons or Force techniques, as the art was focused on mastering the body itself as a weapon. Echani culture held the belief that combat was the only means to truly know someone, a pure form of expression where words were swept away, allowing for action to reveal the true nature of the people involved. Their duels were rituals, and it was important to follow etiquette, for that would allow them to read each others’ stance and fight accordingly. In this manner, battle was seen as a form of communication similar to art. Exposing emotions in combat, however, made the duel a personal thing; engaging in repeated sessions was a courtship of sorts, in which one’s favours were won through superior fighting prowess.

The Echani art had three tiers, each relying on foundations, and featuring higher forms than the previous one. Echani children began by learning the foundations, progressing over time from one tier to the next as the instructor saw fit.

Echani is by far the most common martial art in the galaxy and has seen widespread use. It is taught at the majority of military training facilities throughout Imperial Space. It is generally an elective course and will only form part of the specific training for Elite units.

1st Coban:
• Gain access to the following abilities: Blind Fighting, Instant Knockdown, Multiple Strikes and Silent Strike.

2nd Coban
• +1D bonus to Brawling Parry against opponent non martial artists.
• Gain access to the following abilities: Instant Stand, Spinning Kick and Shoulder Throw.

3rd Coban
• +1D bonus to Brawling against opponent non martial artists
• +1D Brawling Damage (does not stack with other styles)
• Gain access to the following abilities: Disarm, Hold/Grapple and Reversal

Banned Abilities: Headbutt and Nerve Punch

Echani Martial Arts

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