Entry 4

Had quite the rip-roaring time I must say.

Got back with one hell of a hangover, and the contact number for a good divorce attorney, when kids tell me I’m gonna be squeezed into a secret compartment and steal some ships (Skiprays as it turns out, not too shabby. Does put me a little on edge as to what the others are expecting us to come up against though. Those things are designed to surprise assault captial ships. Though I sort of get the feeling Joe/Nate is more just grabbing whatever goodies we can on the way out). The plan sounds like an old holovid heist. I can’t really say no to that kind of plan.

Joe/Nate is gonna play the security official performing a surprise inspection, with the others as his personal retinue and Roach as his secretary. We hacked their computer and put in an appointment, keeping it nice and “official”. They would then move through the compound relatively freely, gathering the data and taking what they can palm relatively easily. Meanwhile, yours truely, along with our other pilots, would hide in the Peace’s secured cargo compartment, and slip out a bit later, secure the ships. The others would take out the bases communications so they couldn’t raise the alert when their ships suddenly power up and run for it. They would then leave via the Peace when the situation is clearly too dangerous for them to remain. Simple.

As we approach the base, I sat behind Roach and gave her some quick tips on what to say over the comms, since she’s the acting pilot in this little charade. She pulls it of quite well. Might show her how to combat fly at some point if we get the time. I then settle down in the cargo with the other pilots and Zed, ask zed to wake me up when we’re about to burst out and steal shit, and have a quick, restorative nap. I am still hungover after all.

I’ve no idea how long I was asleep for, but I wake up to find Zed violently shaking me and the other pilots standing around sniggering. It seems now is the opportune moment for ship pilfering. I poke my head out the ship to see a wonderful sight. Several nice and shiny Skiprays. The view, however, is marred by the several guards still milling around. What I wouldn’t give for a nice unguarded base every once in a while. I sneak us over to a more advantageous position, have everyone draw blasters, and proceed to remove the obstructive individuals. One of us (A mon calamari) took a bit of a hit, but with a bit of bandaging from the Peace, we get her back on her feet. I decided to keep her with me, best way to make sure she doesn’t bleed out. Whileot everyone to perform preflight without spooling up the engines, since we’ll pretty much have to just go as far as we can, then gun the engines to make our get away relatively unmolested.

After a few minutes, we hear a load explosion as the comms for the base go dead. Our personal channel still seems to be going, and everyone sounding like they’re still ok, I get everyone to fire up their engines and head out. I try to guide everyone to a nearby mountainous area to hide until we see the Peace head out. I don’t want to abandon the kids only to find out they were chased by a fighter squadron I could help out with. From the sounds of our comms, everything is going relatively smoothly, they even found a rebel special ops legend in the cells. After about another hour or so we see the shuttle head up, and I get a voice saying “we’re clear, give them a present”. I try to organise these rookies into a vague strafing formatio and head back to the base and give it a few shots. Unfortunately we didn’t seem to do much to it. Well… nothing new to it. It’s still currently smoking and with internal fires abound.

All in all, a pretty successful caper. Put the young calamari kid in for some r&r while she recovers. To think, all this was just an Intelligence Gathering op!

Entry 4

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