Entry 2

I’ll give whistler this, he can put out a good spread. We got a really nice breakfast in before getting down to the nitty gritty of founding a company. It seems we have an interested third party as well, ran into someone from Jarivar Station. Jake Morsefa. The guy lifted us from Covis, and has been hanging out with us for the last couple of days. We line the T’s and dot the lower case J’s to set up a shell company that we can properly form when we return from our up coming venture.

Our fist stop was the temple. Zaal wanted to have a word with some of the masters out there, I think he plans to get in some training. I’m not sure I’m happy with the number of lightsabres we seem to be attracting. But given that we’ve run into 2 lightsabre users who were not really seeing eye to eye with us, it may be in our best interest to up our groups ante. I also think Roach is up to something here as well. Gotta keep an eye on her.

Our next goal, was to head out of the Arbrax Sector, and back into imperial space. Gotta go get our hands on a nice modern imperial transport! Our trip is made difficult when the R2 unit we set to plan the route jumped us right into the middle of a nebula. But some dashing acts of heroism by yours truely sets us up in a nice relatively clear spot in the nebula, so we can reset our nav data, fix the h-drive and get back under way.

We initially stopped off at Ardalon, since we needed to do a bit of “shopping” before we got down to the nitty gritty stuff (I remember the days when the word shopping didn’t really need inverted commas. But given we now trade with black market dealers and leave people with them as insurance, I kind of feel it has to be done… poor Soli and Kal, if I’d gotten to know them a bit better, I’d probably feel kinda bad for them. I’m sure Ganos will be good to them, we’re expecting them back after all).

We were on Ardalon for barely a day, then we’re back in the black and cruising for Brentaal. Where our first intel job is to be conducted. The problem is, we’re not entirely sure where the intel we want is. So I got it in my head that the juiciest mil-tel places probably won’t allow civ-ships to fly over them. So I went to a local rental place and ask to rent a ship, and, more importantly, for up to date airspace charts. So I head back to the group with a cushy little repulsor rig (quite a nice one too) and the charts to find that they have been contacting black market dealers again. I’m a little worried we’re gonna end up in someone unpleasant’s pocket sometime soon.

Entry 2

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