Entry 1

Well, we find ourselves in something of an interesting situation. We seem to have worked ourselves into a secluded corner of the galaxy where the imperial senate has little to no power (not that it’s really had much since the old republic was reformed into what it is now). We’ve set ourselves up under the pretense of being “security consultants” on one of the planets, called Mors-Colis. Starkiller has chosen to stay at the temple we visited on the way in, not sure how happy I am about that. She was a pretty darn good shield when the laser blasts started migrating toward us. But we seem to have made a new friend in this place. Son’dar ‘Roach’ Doneeta, cute enough for me to not want to use her as a shield, not cute enough to straight up trust her. On the up side, she knows people here, and she has set us up with a… business contact?

Zaal Vress wanted to kick around and see if he could find out some info on a ship that apparently swung this way. Think he mentioned it may have been a jedi ship or something? Wierd religions, best not to get too involved (unless it turns out their ship is dandy as hell of course!). Meanwhile we set off to meet this contact of Roach’s. They hired us to move some goods for them. Seemed a bit shady, but given we’re on the run from the government, we can’t really look too closely at these things, this’ll also give us an excuse to look around the planet abit, get our bearings.

So we do this little shipment run, and would you believe it, we run into a couple of military style vehicles. Seems the political situation on this planet is fairly fluid as powerful families hit each other slowly over the centuries, making little land grabs where they can. With no family in control of the planet as a whole, we ran into what I assume was a patrol for one of them. Took a hit (like the big damn hero I am) before dodging another shot with some fancy handwork on the chair controls. think I may have crushed Roach’s legs, but she didn’t kick up too much of a fuss (strong kid, that one). Z-2637CIU “Zedd” seemed to cut loose, he chooses some prime moments to do it, I like his sense of timing. In the end, we have a couple of APVs sitting around in the middle of nowhere, so we radio back to our client, and we inform them that there’s some interesting vehicles ready for collection, and carry on our merry way.

We reach our target city, drop the box at the drop point, and settle in for a quiet evening. Then we find out that there’s a protest march going on (those damn families again). Apparently this sort of thing is fairly standard here. There are expected to be a few fights later at a couple of bars, but nothing too major. So a couple of my colleuges decided that this was the prime time to root out a little info, and hoof it over to the local records office to do some “research”.

They grabbed what they could and we decide to find ourselves some accomodation for the night. I assumed we were trying to play it cool, so I took the penthouse of this really sweet hotel just on the main plaza (trying to play the role of a successful security consultant takes alot of work). Things were going well, I had the hot tub at just the right temperature, the barperson was on damn fire with those cocktails, and I had room servcie on speed dial, when I hear a ruckus down on the streets below. it turns out the damn protest has made it’s way down there, so I kick back and enjoy the show. Things got better when Roach decided she wanted to join me in the penthouse (though it turned out she wanted to watch the protest and my room had the best view. Typical.) Things were going fine until I hear gunfire break out as Roach bolts for the door, turns out we were probably shipping guns in for the protest. That old gag! I got a reasonable view of the festivities on the news, turns out there was some sort of evil jedi down there, with whom a figure that looked suspiciously like Zaal started a bit of one on one action. Suffice to say, the police did not have any sort of handle on the situation, if I were them, I would have put snipers on the rooftops (like 6 of them or something) just to keep an eye on things before it ever escalated. In the end we had to escape town (and I had another chicken trough coming, why does this stuff always happen when I’m eating?).

So we headed back to Khalist and hooked back up with our contact, got ourselves paid, and made ourselves semi-solid with the contact. We then got an offer of help, the contact had recently got their hands on an interesting ship (I mean INTERESTING), and was willing to give it to us if we could grab a more modern imperial space transport for them. The contact also wanted to help set us up as an official security consultancy, and keep us on retainer! Guess we’ll be relatively well sorted after all!

Entry 1

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