U/I Rifle

weapon (ranged)

A sniper’s weapon, which produces an invisible, (and almost completely inaudible) beam. The sonic-based energy contains no visible component, and it can be set to one of two effects, which equate to Stun and Kill, both settings only affect organic matter, inorganic matter is immune to damage from U/I Rifles (though organic matter contained within inorganic matter are not protected – it merely reduces damage according to normal “armour” rules). Due to the way sound travels, the lower frequency beam (Infrasound) has a far greater range than the high frequency beam (Ultrasound).

Option 1, Infrasonic (Stun) – the frequency of sound is so far below most species hearing that it is all but inaudible, and creates a stunning effect as the target suffers from low frequency (under 15Hz) vibrations, which affects most being’s bodies in such a way as to not only cause temporary neurological damage (stun), but to also create feelings of anxiety, unease, extreme sorrow, revulsion, fear, and chills down their spine.

Option 2, Ultrasonic (Kill) – the antithesis of Infrasound, Ultrasound is raised above most species hearing levels to around 25kHz. At these vibrational levels sound waves are capable of near disintegration of biological cells, while merely “cleaning” non-biological materials.

Note: Innate Species Ultrasound Detection – Some species are capable of detecting the Ultrasonic bolt as it travels (if they are the target of the bolt – there is zero bleed from any other angles). This occurs if the species is, or is descended from a species which was predated upon by echolocating creatures (such as many forms of Bats).

Mode S M L Damage
Infrasonic 3 – 200 400 1000 5D+2 (S)
Ultrasonic 3 – 20 40 100 5D+2

The Weapon holds enough energy for 25 shots, in any combination, before needing to be recharged.

U/I Rifle

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