Strategic Bomber


Like it’s “little sister”, the Cherubim, the Seraphim Strategic Bomber was designed by the engineers and shipwrights of the House of White Haven. It’s primary function was that of a 2 person long distance strategic combat vehicle. While unable to enter hyperspace, its crew complement and supplies mean that it is capable of providing tactical assistance on extended missions for up to a month before needing restocked.

Unlike the Cherubim, it features none of the variable geometry technology that made the smaller vessel so popular. Instead its angular profile is designed to resemble one of the many deadly species of avian within the Star Kingdoms of Valdemar. Crew positions aboard the vessel are Pilot and Navigator (the Navigator also serves as Bomber).

It also lacks a lot of the manoeuvrability of the Cherubim while in space due to a focus on bomb storage and targeting systems, the control thrusters are weaker than they would normally be on a vessel of this size. This is why the standard combat arrangement includes 2 Cherubim as escorts for each Seraphim assigned to a mission. To compensate for this, it uses the same composite material in its construction as the Cherubim. The composite material used in the hull construction provides about 50% more protection by weight than standard materials.

The Seraphim is an efficient bomber, capable of holding enough ordinance to wipe out large areas with tactical precision. The fire control system on the bomb bay, is second to none capable of predicting trajectories based on speed, movement, and even air conditions. Other armaments include two cannon, one located each side of the Navigators spot of the cockpit, though these are only normally used as weapons of last resort or if going in unescorted. In which case, fire control of the cannon is given to the Pilot.


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