Praxia Horizon

A custom made Deep Space Exploration Vessel


This ship was commissioned 26 years ago by a group of Jedi led by Master Hobart. The ships mission was officially listed as a scouting mission into unknown space to look for other force using cultures and untapped force sensitives who would be willing to join the order.

The ship was custom built in the Corellian Ship Yards and designed for self-sufficiency and long range travel. Little in the way of expense was spared in the building of this vessel.

The expedition was known to have included:
Master Hobarth
Jedi Knight Teteso Opato
Jedi Knight Rac Owayeto
Jedi Knight Tega Inol
Padawan Cur Eyelerem
Padawan Ose Taletel
Padawan Wanott Leria
Padawan Ewu Yot
Captain Metos Khan
Lieutenant Viron Petrell
30 Other unnamed crew

Praxia Horizon

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