The one-man Interceptor designed by the House of White Star to accompany its Cherubim and Seraphim vessels, the Nephilim moves away from the earthy greens and browns of the other vessels in the fleet, to a dark brooding black, to enhance the intimidation of the vessel, as seen by it’s targets.

Fast and manoeuvrable, with similar variable geometry wings as the Cherubim, the Nephilim is the only strategic fighter in the House of the White Sun to employ “Ion” type weaponry. The weapon built into the nose of the Nephilim is tuned to anti-electrical frequencies, capable of shutting down attacking ships without destroying them. Such tactics having proven valuable during later battles when a single shot from such a weapon disabling an enemy vessel saved time on an extended dogfight. Because of the rarity of Ionising weapons in the Star Kingdom, very few vessels and vehicles have any level of defense against them.

The dorsal weapon consists of a standard cannon and an under-nose mounted mini turret (for 360 degree targeting) likewise, both firing individually.

The Nephilim also boast improved engines and power distribution, creating a highly manoeuvrable vehicle. The active sensor package has also been tweaked to improve craft and weapon recognition.

The Nephilim never truly proved popular after the war, and today, only a few dozen exist, mostly in war museums and private hands.


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