Maddens Shopping List

Things Nathan is Looking for, And their "Book Price" costs. (Edited After Purchases)


Mandroxan Droid Disabler (1) – 10,000 cr
(6D Stun Damage, Droids Only, +1D per Hit)

Plasticene Thermite Gel (1 kilo) – 1,000 cr
(20D Damage per kilo. 3 Round Burn Time. (2D Damage per 100g))

Detonite Tape (5m) – 1,500 cr

Vibrorapier (1) – 300 cr
(Str+3D Damage, Silent (Ultrasonic))

NoShow (1) – 5,000 cr
(Interferes With Heat, IR And Other Light/Energy Based Sensors)

CD-12A Autopilot Speeder Bike Droid Brain (1) – 5,000 cr
(Automated Pilot for Repulsorlift Vehicle, With Remote Call Unit)

CD-12A Autopilot Lambda Shuttle Droid Brain (1) – 10,000 cr
(Automated Pilot for Starfighter-Scale Starships, With Remote Call Unit)

LE-VO Law Enforcement Droid (Custom Programming) (1) – 9,000 cr
(Armoured, stun weapon using ‘warden’ for Prisoners)

Maddens Shopping List

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