Holographic Appearance Template Emitter


This tiny electronic device is worn somewhere on person and generates a holographic field around the wearer, altering their appearance into any other ‘similar’ living species – Allowing covert troops to pass unmolested through native populations. Definition of “similar” refers to mass, height, and mode of locomotion. Clothing is also similarly altered. A Corellian could appear as a Twilek (though their lekku would be non-functional) or a very short Wookie, for example. But they could not appear as a Spiderperson, or Hutt, the former has too many limbs which need to be functional, the second has far too much mass. Device can be programmed live, and/or can contain up to 4 pre-set appearances.

Note: The device only alters the look of the wearer, not their actual physical presence. Be aware of this when wearing armour with a holographic disguise of “clothing”.

Subnote: The one found in the “Haul” from the black ops site is damaged – Liable to failure at inopportune times.

Holographic Appearance Template Emitter

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