HAYABUSA Commando Armour


(Holographically Augmented Yagi Antenna Broadcasting Unified Scout Armour) : Hayabusa armour is the ultimate in heavy covert operations armour. Packet with useful equipment and technological enhancements, the armour provides almost Stormtrooper level protection, while not detracting from the wearers mobility and flexibility. When combined with a suitable under armour layer (such as a soft spacesuit, or the Padded Bodysuit, below) the armour forms a hermetic seal and becomes airtight, and a small oxygen supply combined with O2 scrubbers located in the helmet provide 1 hour of breathable air under normal conditions.

In addition to the protection of the armour, built in thermal baffling and sensor deadening/reflecting materials help hide the wearer from thermographic, and electronic scans, and a holographic camouflage matrix makes them hard to spot with visual based senses.
The armours solid plates are capable of being magnetically charged to attach upgrades, or weapons, with an almost infinite combination of load-outs possible, based upon mission parameters. Magnetic/suction grips on boots and gloves enable a skilled wearer to safely climb almost any surface, reaching tactically advantageous positions easily.

As well as the defences and protections, the armour also integrates a state-of-the-art battle computer and augmented reality visual overlays to continuously feed battle data and other information to the wearers field of vision. The visor itself is a polarised macrobinocular imaging plate with dozens of sensory augmentation options from ‘seeing’ energy to infrared, ultraviolet and thermal imaging. The helmet also provides ultrasound targeting as a form of echolocation from three sensor pods located upon the helmet, which is fed into the armours augmented reality overlay to provide three dimensional visual awareness even in absolute darkness. A top of the line sensor and communications suite rounds out this incredibly versatile armour, enabling communication up to nearby ships and team members up to 500km distant.

ARMOUR Protection Dex Penalty Coverage
“Hayabusi” Commando Armour 1D+2 All Locations
Helmet Comlink: Tongue activated Yagi Antenna, 500km (In atmosphere) range.
Sealable: Climate controlled bodyglove and oxygen mask, allows operation in vacuum (pressure rated for 1 hour), high/low temperatures and in toxic environments.
UFTAS: (Unlimited Frequency Target Aquisition System) adds +2D to ranged weapon skill uses against known targets.
Viewplate: Macrobinocular imaging (100-250/500/1000m range) with multi-spectrum and ultrasound vision (adds +3D to Perception and Search checks in low visibility situations), and also and polarised lenses to prevent Flash-blinding.
Stealth Coating: Thermal and Sensor Blocking polymer construction, hides wearer from thermographic imaging and sensor scans, providing +2D to Hide and Search.
Holographic Camouflage: Holographically generated stealth field increases target number to spot wearer using visual methods by 10 points.
Augmented Reality System: Constant Data Flow enables wearer to multitask information and battlefield actions, as well as providing rangefinding and other miscellaneous sensory tasks.
Cling Grips: Suction/magnetic grips add +2d to Climb-based tests when activated.
Mag-Plates: Can attach equipment to armour as if wearing combat webbing all over.

HAYABUSA Commando Armour

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