The Wrath of Ezrael - El Class Carrier

The crowning glory of the lords of White Haven


The Wrath of Ezrael

Craft: The Wrath of Ezrael
Type: El Class Carrier
Scale: Capital
Length: 600 Meters
Crew: 0/200/600/2400
Passengers: 50 in suite rooms. 512 in Barracks
Consumables: 1 Year
Cargo Capacity: 20,000 metric tons
Hyperdrive: X2
Hyperdrive Backup: X8
Nav Computer: Yes
Sublight Speed: 2D+2 (4D)
Maneuverability: 1D (2D+2)
Hull: 6D
Shields: 2D (5D)

Weapons: 50 Weapons points (original load out 10 Turbolaser baterries, 20 Turbolasers, 10 Ion Cannons, 6 Tractor Beam Projectors, 4 Concussion Missile Launchers)

10 Turbolasers FC: 2D Dam 5D

2 Tractor Beam Projectors FC 4D Dam 4D

Hangers: 3
1- 8 Shuttles
2- 8 Shuttles
3- 72 Fighters (ring based)


AI: Ezri A holographical AI system with complete access to the ship

Crew 0 – Ezri is able to control the ship sufficiently to move it through space. She is able to execute one action per round. In this state the ship can be moved from A-B but is not an effective warship
Crew 200 – With this crew complement the ship can take action as normal
Crew 600 – With this crew level Ezri provides a 2D bonus to all ship functions and activities. This bonus does not apply to ship statistics only to crew skill use. This does not apply to the Command skill
Crew 2400 – With this crew level the Wrath and Ezri are performing at optimum with a +4D bonus to crew skills under the same guidelines as crew 600 above.

Missile Point Defence System:

Currently in-operable as the mass drivers have been removed, however all sensors and software for the system are present and operational, as is the automated manufacturing plant that produces the ammo. The system is not compatible with the AI and so gains no benefits from her association.
A system of small automated Mass Driver cannons are attached to the outer hull of the ship on full rotating turrets. There are more than 200 Mass Drivers to enable full coverage and a generous overlap to account for battle damage. These are attached to a powerful computer stations and it own short range but exceptionally powerful sensor array. The system is designed to automatically track and target incoming missiles and shoot them down, using a stream of projectiles from the Mass Drivers. The system has an automated mode and user controlled mode.

Game Effects:

In Automated Mode the system begins tracking the missile at long range and is able to fire upon the incoming missile with a skill of 4D. The system gets 3 shots at long range, 2 at medium and 1 at short range. A successful hit (opposed against the to hit roll) results in the destruction of the missile.

In User Controlled Mode the end user is able to monitor and adjust the program to assist in threat assessment, and allocation of cannons to target incoming missiles. User Controlled Mode can improve the effectiveness of the systems by as much as 75%. Each round the user makes a computer programming roll difficulty is base 10 increasing by 1 for every incoming missile. For each point above the difficulty that the user achieves that much is added to the automated systems roll to hit incoming missiles.


The El-Class Assault Carrier was an incredible feat in engineering, perfected over decades of refinement by the House of White Haven, part of the Star Kingdom of Valdemar.

An impressive Capital scale vessel, with a length of 800m and a beam of 18m, the El implemented an ingenious Hull-Adjacent Launch Operation (“HALO”) system which allowed almost six dozen small craft (of up to 20m in length, and 10m in beam) to be hangared for rapid launch/deployment on a launch ring that could rotate 90 degrees for protection within the hull when not in use. Standard vehicle complement included 30 Cherubim-Class Aerospace Superiority Fighters, and 30 Seraphim-Class Strategic Bombers. The remaining bays were normally taken up with Nephilim-Class Interceptors, or Ophanim-Class Scouts. These vessels launched from the underside (inside) of the ring, and if the ring was not locked into its up[right ‘combat’ configuration, the launch-bay doors would not open. Additionally the hull had a separate shuttlebay located in the strut running through the centre of the rings ‘flat’ position, capable of taking an assortment of smallcraft of upto .

The war against the House of White Haven had lasted for nearly a decade, with losses on both sides being incredible, when the first El was launched from the shipyard. And in that simple act, the tide of battle turned. One El was the measure of a dozen smaller warships, and their fighter complement meant they were ably capable of maintaining a defensive, or offensive posture. The only downside of the vessels was the amount of time and resources it took to construct each of the vessels. The House of White Haven saw this limitation, and in a last ditch attempt to fight back, blew up the shipyard, just before the 10th Assault Carrier was launched.

The nine completed (and launched) vessels were the Compassion, the Judgement, the Mercy, the Shield, the Sword, the Vengeance, the Vigilance, the Wisdom, and the Wrath. The tenth vessel (the Temperance) was destroyed prior to launch. As is apparent from the names, the vessels were originally intended to operate in pairs; The Vengeance and the Wrath, the Vigilance and the Wisdom, the Sword and the Shield, the Mercy and the Compassion, and the Judgement and the Temperance.

In addition to the HALO system unique to the El class, they also benefited from top of the line Military AI. Each vessel had an Archangel-class AI embedded into the ships systems, able to take control of any or all aspects of the vessel with the exception of tasks requiring physical interaction (such as ship repair). Each Archangel was programmed to assume a subordinate position to the ships commanding officer, and assist him both actively (by following commands) and passively (by providing insight, information and guidance). Each Archangel had a command phrase which allowed new commanding officers to identify themselves to the AI, and assume command of the vessel. Unless specifically contradicted by the new Captain, the instructions of the previous commander(s) would be maintained where applicable, to assist with a smooth transfer of command.

The Archangels for each vessel were as follows; the Compassion (Haniel), the Judgement (Daniel), the Mercy (Raphael), the Shield (Tamiel), the Sword (Michael), the Vengeance (Uriel), the Vigilance (Cassiel), the Wisdom (Gabriel), the Wrath (Ezrael), and the Temperance (Jophiel). When referring to just the Vessel, the name of the vessel is used. When referring to the AI, the name of the AI is used. When referring to them as a whole the standard is “Vessel” of “AI”… so the Sword of Michael, the Wisdom of Gabriel, etc.

As a side note, a lot of the military commanders abbreviate the AI’s name to something less austentatious; Cassiel (Cassie), Daniel (Danny), Ezrael (Ezri), Gabriel (Gabe), Haniel (Hannah), Michael (Mike), Raphael (Raph), Tamiel (Tammy) and Uriel (Uri). Jophiel would most likely have become “Joe”.

Since the end of the war, most of the El-Class Carriers have been decommissioned, with only two known to still be fully operational. The Compassion of Haniel and the Vigilance of Cassiel have both been re-purposed. The Compassion is now a Hospital Ship, and the Vigilance is a long-range scouting vessel. Four of the vessels (the Mercy of Raphael, the Sword of Michael, the Wisdom of Gabriel and the Wrath of Ezrael), were decommissioned as part of the Peace Treaty. The remaining three vessels were assumed destroyed in combat.

The Wrath of Ezrael - El Class Carrier

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