Aerospace Superiority Fighter


The design of the Cherubim Aerospace Fighter is well documented in the House of White Haven history books. Manufactured to exacting degrees, the Cherubim were designed for the El-Class Assault Carriers, and comprise a hull which is a mere 9 meters long, and 3 meters wide (when the variable geometry wings are fully retracted).

Small, and versatile, the Cherubim include variable geometry technology in their wings, capable of altering their operational profile and abilities. With the wings retracted, the Cherubim is a streamlined space fighter, with a sensor profile of an even smaller vessel. The profile is so small, that it is often overlooked by Capital ships as being an escape pod, or other such inoffensive vehicle or piece of debris. With the flick of a switch (or voice command) the wings can extend out, creating aeronautical lift and manoeuvrability, drastically increasing the vessels handling within atmosphere. The wing design is remarkable in the fact that when extending, the length doesn’t just follow the pre-existing arc of the wings, but instead, the whole wing lifts to provide a flat “aeroplane” type wing across the hull.

Standard armament comprises twin-linked cannon in the nose, with 2 missile pods located each side of the vessels main hull, under the wings. Each pod is auto-loaded by a mechanism held within the heavily reinforced rear of the vessel, which contains 20 individual missiles, the vast majority of them are normally standard missiles, but on a “by mission” basis, speciality warheads may be included.. The pilot can select which missile gets loaded into which pod to provide them with more control over targeting trajectories.

The primary drawback of the design is the electronics. The sensors are only useful at short range, and the shielding system is extremely weak. To compensate somewhat for the shielding situation, the designers used a new composite material to increase hull strength. The composite material used in the hull construction provides about 50% more protection by weight than standard materials.

All in all, the Cherubim is a dependable, strong and versatile vessel. It proved so popular during the war that there are still versions of this vehicle available on the Military Market (and Military Surplus Market…) to this day.


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