A String of Tasar Crystals


4 Tasar crystals strung on a Maldonite chain. The colours are Jasper, Tourmaline, Aquamarine and Carnelian. The crystals are each of different sizes and shapes.

Each Crystal functions with a 4D ability for Kes’Kri, any other character using them must use the usual rules for power abilities.
Jasper: Grants Magnify Senses as per the force power
Tourmaline: Empathy, user can sense the emotions (not thoughts) of a single sapient creature. Easy for same species, Moderate for others.
Aquamarine: Psychometry. User may handle inanimate objects and learn something of the history of that object. Easy to receive basic information such as mood and physical condition of the last person to handle the object. Difficult to learn more detailed information such as name, race, or other personal information.
Carnelian: Animal Telepathy. Can learn the thoughts of animals, the more basic the animal the easier the difficulty. This power absolutely will not work on sentient species.

History of the Item:

This string of Tsari Crystals were originally mined by a Tsari Mystic called Marn Orith. Marn is a member of the Kiana. He gifted this string of crystals to Kes’Kri when they parted.

A String of Tasar Crystals

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