Zaal Vress

Young padawan, whose master has become one with The Force.


Master’s Last Gift

Control 2D
Sense 2D
Alter 2D
Dexterity 4D Knowledge 3D+2
Blaster Alien Races
Brawling Parry Bureaucracy
Dodge 6d Cultures
Grenade Languages
Heavy Weapons Planetary Systems 4d
Melee Parry Streetwise 4d
Melee Survival 4d
Lightsaber 6d Technology
Mechanical 1D+1 Perception 4D
Astrogation Bargain
Beast Riding Command
Repulsorlift Op Con
Starship Gunnery Gambling
Starship Piloting 3d Hide/Sneak 5d
Starship Shields Search 5d
Strength 3D+2 Technical 1D+1
Brawling Comp Prog/Repair
Climbing/Jumping Demolitions
Lifting Droid Prog/Repair
Stamina 5d Medicine 2d+1
Swimming Repulsorlift Repair
Starship Repair

Zaal Vress

Jimi's Star Wars Campaign Minted1985