Spozark "Leper" Crolts

Xa Fel Pilot also handy with a wrench


Spozark is a male Xa Fel. He is hideously disfigured due to the heavily polluted nature of his home world. Due to this Spozark either swathes his feature in bandages or a mask or when flying a Starfighter he wears a mirrored flight helmet.


Born on the KDY dominated world of Xa Fel Spozark was born into a life of poverty. Basically a slave to the KDY corporation. He learned to hate the corporation at an early age and to despise the concepts of slavery. In his youth he dreamed of being free and able to make decisions for himself. As he reached maturity he began working for KDY as he had no choice. There he learned the art of starship repair and piloting. In his early twenties the corporation shipped him off to work at a satellite ship yard in Bormea sector. The ship he was on never made it as it was attacked by slavers. The crew and passengers were sold into slavery on a shady shadowport. Spozark found himself the property of a Hutt Crime Boss. Other than being owned and having no freedom life was not so bad, certainly a lot better than anything he had experienced on his homeworld. Spozark got to pilot a Starfighter in the service of his owner.

Then one day his owner fell afoul of a group of adventures who proceeded to end his life and free all the slaves that he owned. With nowhere else to go Spozark decided to tag along with them. Now he wishes to serve with them and be a part of their organisation.

Spozark "Leper" Crolts

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