Son'dar 'Roach' Doneeta

A Lone Antarian Ranger


Son’dar’s father Cor’ryn served as a ranger aide to a prominent jedi. Their friendship was powerful, and they complimented each other perfectly in battle and negotiation. However in a moment of indiscretion Son’dar was conceived between the two. The jedi feared her loss of self-control, and the emotions that came with it, and so parted ways with him. Cor’ryn saw her a year and a half later, when she gave their infant daughter into his care.

Son’dar was raised by her family and the clan on Ryloth. Her father Cor’ryn was called away for long periods to do ranger work with his brother’s branch; the Can’cells. Son’dar loved hearing the tales her uncle Mazer and father would bring back and longed desperately to join them. As such she sought out training in the skills required to prepare herself.

Her opportunity came faster than expected when most of her family were enslaved. A slaver gang had attempted to deal with the clan chief before, but he’d refused, preferring poverty over slavery. However when his eldest son was abducted and kept hostage by them he changed his mind. Son’dar was about 11 when the slavers crept into their home at night, and grabbed her and her family with indifferent efficiency. The chief stood by the slavers, and urged her family not to fight.

They were taken in a large cargo ship with twi’leks from lots of different clans to a holding unit. Their details and photographs were taken, and after a while her family and new friends started to be taken away. When it was Son’dar’s turn she was in a group of other youths. They were prodded onto a smaller craft and flown out. The ship didn’t reach its destination, at the edge of the star system it was intercepted by a ranger vessel. The first the prisoners knew of this was a wrenching crash throughout the ship, and then the sounds of fighting, including the distinctive hum of a lightsabre. When the door open the children were ready, and their escape was a blur of blaster bolts. Son’dar never saw the jedi, and her father would never tell her whether it was her mother. She begged her father to rescue the others, but he and her uncle explained that they couldn’t; they barely got to the children in time. The people who buy enslaved twi’leks frequently have fortresses for homes.

She joined her uncle’s ranger branch – the Can’cells. She was too young to be an Explorer, but without a family there was little other option…. TBC

Son'dar 'Roach' Doneeta

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