Master Yanasa Aster

Jedi Master


She is a human woman in late middle age. She habitually dresses in robes and carries a lightsaber. She maintains a stern yet calm demeanour.


Yanasa Aster was born the daughter of Jedi Master Colton Aster, first cousin of King Danton VII. Yanasa was raised in the Temple of Mors-Colis. In her younger days she disagreed with her father’s choice of isolationism from the Star Kingdom policy. As such she travelled to the court as was the right of any member of the Royal family. She spent several years observing first-hand the reason for her father’s decision.

She returned to the temple and resumed her studies after an incident where she had to defeat a fallen Jedi and a cousin who she had grown close to while living at court.

When her father passed on she took over as the resident master at the temple. She continues to teach her father’s philosophy and opposes Jedi ruling the Star Kingdom. However her opposition to the Dark Side does not stop her from acting to try to curb the acts of evil perpetrated in the Star Kingdom. Because of this she often finds herself working with White Haven agents even though she does not support either political faction.

The temple welcomes anyone willing to learn at the temple, as long as they are willing to abide by the rules and understand that there will be no Dark Side powers taught or used by any member of the temple.

Master Yanasa Aster

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