An excitable albino tarong, having seen her share of death she intends to enjoy every second of life


Special Abilities:

  • Claws : Do STR+2 damage.
  • Vision : Tarongs have outstanding long-range vision. They can increase the searchskill at half the normal Character Point cost and can search at ranges of nearly a kilometer if they have a clear line of sight. Tarongs have well developed infravision and can see in full darkness if there are sufficient heat sources.
  • Mimicry : Tarong have a natural aptitude for languages and can advance the skill in half the normal Character Point cost.
  • Weakness to Cold : Tarong require warm climates. Any Tarong exposed to near-freezing temperatures suffers 4D damage after one hour, 5D damage after two hours and 8D damage after three hours.

Special Skills:

  • Flight : Time to use: one round. This is the skill Tarongs use to fly.
  • Basic Language Ability : Speak

Attribute Dice: 11D (+6 for player character = 17D)

Dexterity Range: 2D / 4D
Perception Range: 2D / 4D
Knowledge Range: 1D / 3D+1
Strength Range: 1D / 3D+1
Mechanical Range: 1D / 2D+2
Technical Range: 1D / 2D+1

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Kes’kri is a member of a four legged, winged species akin to prehistoric flying reptiles. Kes’kri has crimson eyes, and leathery, mottled skin the colour of pale parchment. The feathers on her crest and inner wings are bright white. She has the penchant for jewellery common to her species, and adds to it a liking for patterned waist-packs and sling-bags. She loves shiny rings for her dextrous front three claws, and torcs or decorative brassards for her hindlegs. She has had several piercings in various locations; in her beak, crest, wing-tips and tail-fan. She has a pair of reading glasses which she occasionally wears if she needs to do close work for an extended time (lightsaber maintenance, writing, etc.).

Kes’kri was hatched and raised among a variety of alien species on board a variety of starships with her adventure-hungry parents (Kes’Tarn and Kil’tar), her older sister (Kes’Star) and younger brother (Kil’Drak). She visited her parents homeworld Iri (in the Epidimi system in the outer rim) when she was around twelve, and stayed for five years during which she finished her flight training, learned to hunt, and talked incessantly. She and her siblings were too big (and noisy) now to follow their parents around the galaxy (most captains can only tolerate so much incessant talking), so they agreed to travel together as far as Tatooine, and split up there to adventure their separate ways, but to meet again there in two years (Tatooine always has lots of ships, often ones happy to take an extra pair of eyes and claws that don’t want paying).

Kes’kri, like most Tarongs, was a friend to everyone she met, but the galaxy was a dangerous place for non-humans. She found this out the hard way two years later back on Tatooine.

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Note from Star Wars Wikia – Tarong

When the Galactic Empire came to power, the Tarongs noted that Imperial representatives were unfriendly, not talkative, and seemingly cruel. They tried to keep contact with the Empire to a minimum. In fact, some Tarong families even established secret trading relationships with representatives of the Alliance to Restore the Republic during the Galactic Civil War. Some Tarongs even left their homeworlds on Rebel ships, seeking companionship and adventure. These Tarongs made excellent spies, able to survey locations from overhead and accurately repeat overheard conversations. Sk’rirak and her brother K’derek were among these Tarong Rebels. Though the Alliance welcomed the assistance of the Tarongs, they remained fearful of an Imperial crackdown in the Epidimi system which would destroy the semi-anarchic Tarong society.


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