Twi'Lek Merchant


Kal’Tinra is 1.7 meters tall with a medium build. He has red eyes as is quite common for his race. His skin is a creamy grey colour and he decorates his lekku with black highlighting.



Kal’Tinra was born in to an obscure merchant clan on Ryloth. He learned the art of business from his father as his apprentice. Just before Kal’Tinra came of age his father made a series of bad investments and deals with a number of unsavoury customers. Following his father’s inability to pay his debts, his father was killed and the criminals approached the Council of Ryloth and demanded that they honour the debts owed them. In true Twi’Lek fashion the council sold Kal’Tinra entire clan into slavery to subtle his father’s debts.

Kal’Tinra spent the next twenty years passing from criminal boss to another as little more than chattel. His primary services were negotiation and business deals. This all changed when he was liberated by the party.

He now offers those same services to the party.


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