Nathan Christopher Madden

A quiet, unassuming man, with a hidden past, and a passionate hatred of the Empire.

Dexterity 4D Perception 4D (+3D)
Blaster 6d (+2d if moving 10m +) Bargain 6d
Brawling Parry Command 6d
Dodge 5d Con
Firearms 6d Gambling
Grenade Hide/Sneak 8d (+1d from Armour)
Heavy Weapons Search 6d (+3d in Low Visibility)
Melee 6d
Melee Parry 6d Strength 3D
Knowledge 2D Climbing/Jumping
Alien Races Lifting
Bureaucracy Stamina
Cultures Swimming
Planetary Systems Technical 2D
Streetwise 4d Armour Build/Repair 3d
Survival 3d Comp Prog/Repair 5d
Tactics 5d Demolitions 4d
Technology 5d Droid Prog/Repair 3d
Mechanical 3D Repulsorlift Repair 5d
Astrogation 5d Security 4d
Beast Riding Starship Repair 4d
Repulsorlift Op 7d
Starship Gunnery 5d
Starship Piloting 5d
Starship Shields 4d

Storm Commando Armour: Protection: 1D – Does Not Reduce Dexterity
Tongue Activated Comlink: (Replaced with Civillian Model)
Sealed Bodyglove: Climate Controlled Bodyglove and Breath Mask
- Allow operation in Uncomfortably Cold Environs and in Toxic Air environments.
MFTAS: MultiFrequency Target Aquisition System
- adds +3D to Perception and Search Checks in Low Visibility Situations,
- +2D to Ranged Weapon Skill Uses against targets moving more than 10m per Round,
- and Polarised Lenses to prevent Flashblinding.
Viewplate: Macrobinocular Imaging (100-250/500/1000m range) with UV Nightvision
Stealth Coating: Special Black Reflec Polymer coating, hides wearer from Sensor Scans; +1D to Hide & Search

Sororosub Stormtrooper2 Blaster Carbine (1d to Blaster Skill if Stock Used): Damage – 6D+2
Verpine Slivergun (with Merr Sonn Macroscope (+ 3d to Medium/Long range shot)): Damage – 6D
Silenced Firearm: Damage – 3D+1
Prex Protector Dartgun: Damage 1D (Impact) +5D (Explosive)
Mandalorian Iron Black Dagger: Damage – Str+2D (5D)
Ornate Blaster Pistol: Damage – Unknown
A280 Blaster Rifle with Viper2 Grenade Launcher: Damage – 5D+2 / By Grenade
Laserhone Talon Vibroblades (2): Damage – Str+2D (5D)
Portable Plasma Cutter: Damage – 7D
Thermal Detonators (3)
Cubes of Detonite (2)
Frag Grenades (3)
Smoke Grenades (3)
Detonite Tape (5m)
Plasticine Thermite Gel (10x 100gm)

Camouflage Poncho
DimSim:- Projects “wall of darkness” in front of face to hide identity. From “inside” it is a slight haze.
Utility Belt: High Tension Wire, Grappling Hooks, Spare Blaster Power Packs (2), Ion Flares, Concentrated Rations,
Spare Comlink, Water Purifying Canteen (100cr), 3 Medpacks, Security System Tool Kit, Additional Supplies Pouch,
Motion Sensor, Stun Cuffs (2 Pairs)
Survival Pack: Camouflage Shelter, 2 Glow Rods, 2 Thermal Flares, 20m Syntherope, Medpack
20x Guinea Pigs

Aratech AZ-74 Speeder Bike “Striking Eagle”
Ownership Papers for Lambda Shuttle “Peace” [Destroyed]
Transport Freighter [Exchanged]
El-Class Assault Carrier “Wrath of Ezrael”

Nathan Christopher Madden

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