Nathan Christopher Madden

A quiet, unassuming man, with a hidden past, and a passionate hatred of the Empire.

Dexterity 4D Perception 4D (+3D)
Blaster 6d (+2d if moving 10m +) Bargain 6d
Brawling Parry Command 6d
Dodge 5d Con
Firearms 6d Gambling
Grenade Hide/Sneak 8d (+1d from Armour)
Heavy Weapons Search 6d (+3d in Low Visibility)
Melee 5d
Melee Parry 6d Strength 3D
Knowledge 2D Climbing/Jumping
Alien Races Lifting
Bureaucracy Stamina
Cultures Swimming
Planetary Systems Technical 2D
Streetwise 4d Armour Repair
Survival 3d Comp Prog/Repair 5d
Tactics 5d Demolitions 4d
Technology 4d Droid Prog/Repair 3d
Mechanical 3D Repulsorlift Repair 5d
Astrogation Security 4d
Beast Riding Starship Repair 4d
Repulsorlift Op 7d
Starship Gunnery 5d
Starship Piloting 5d
Starship Shields 4d

Storm Commando Armour: Protection: 1D – Does Not Reduce Dexterity
Tongue Activated Comlink: (Replaced with Civillian Model)
Sealed Bodyglove: Climate Controlled Bodyglove and Breath Mask
- Allow operation in Uncomfortably Cold Environs and in Toxic Air environments.
MFTAS: MultiFrequency Target Aquisition System
- adds +3D to Perception and Search Checks in Low Visibility Situations,
- +2D to Ranged Weapon Skill Uses against targets moving more than 10m per Round,
- and Polarised Lenses to prevent Flashblinding.
Viewplate: Macrobinocular Imaging (100-250/500/1000m range) with UV Nightvision
Stealth Coating: Special Black Reflec Polymer coating, hides wearer from Sensor Scans; +1D to Hide & Search

Sororosub Stormtrooper2 Blaster Carbine (1d to Blaster Skill if Stock Used): Damage – 6D+2
Verpine Slivergun (with Merr Sonn Macroscope (+ 3d to Medium/Long range shot)): Damage – 6D
Silenced Firearm: Damage – 3D+1
Prex Protector Dartgun: Damage 1D (Impact) +5D (Explosive)
Mandalorian Iron Black Dagger: Damage – Str+2D (5D)
Ornate Blaster Pistol: Damage – Unknown
A280 Blaster Rifle with Viper2 Grenade Launcher: Damage – 5D+2 / By Grenade
Laserhone Talon Vibroblades (2): Damage – Str+2D (5D)
Portable Plasma Cutter: Damage – 7D
Thermal Detonators (3)
Cubes of Detonite (2)
Frag Grenades (3)
Smoke Grenades (3)
Detonite Tape (5m)
Plasticine Thermite Gel (10x 100gm)

Camouflage Poncho
DimSim:- Projects “wall of darkness” in front of face to hide identity. From “inside” it is a slight haze.
Utility Belt: High Tension Wire, Grappling Hooks, Spare Blaster Power Packs (2), Ion Flares, Concentrated Rations,
Spare Comlink, Water Purifying Canteen (100cr), 3 Medpacks, Security System Tool Kit, Additional Supplies Pouch,
Motion Sensor, Stun Cuffs (2 Pairs)
Survival Pack: Camouflage Shelter, 2 Glow Rods, 2 Thermal Flares, 20m Syntherope, Medpack
20x Guinea Pigs

Aratech AZ-74 Speeder Bike “Striking Eagle”
Ownership Papers for Lambda Shuttle “Peace”


Nathan Christopher Madden

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