Janak Highwing

Portly Tom Cruise in Top Gun

Dexterity___3D Perception___3D
Blaster___6D Gambling___4D
Dodge___5D Hide/Sneak___5D
Melee___4D Search___4D
Knowledge___2D Strength___3D
Languages___3D Brawling___4D
Planetary Systems___3D
Mechanical___4D Technical___3D
Astrogation___5D Medicine___4D
Starship Gunnery___8D Starship Repair___5D
Starship Piloting___7D
Starship Shields___8D

Force Points 3

Skill Points 11


# Item Notes
1 Sorosuub Preybird Class Starfighter “Zhari Maru”
1 Suit Heavy Assault Armour 2D Armour, -1D Dex, +1D Str, +2D Search
1 Suit Grey Commando Armour 2 Pips Armour, +1D Hide/Sneak, MFTAS System added
2 Laserhone Talon Vibroblade
1 Heavy Blaster Pistol 5D Damage
1 BlasTech A280 Blaster Rifle 5D+2 Damage, With Viper 2 Grenade Launcher(in Zhari Maru cargo hold)
1 Stormtrooper2 Blaster Rifle Ranges 3-30/31-100/101-300, Damage Code 5D+2
14 Blaster Power Packs
3 Frag Grenade
3 Smoke Grenade
2 Med pack
1 R2 Astromech Droid (R2-A4)

Born on Corellia into a not-unsuccessful merchantile family, Janak spent most of his youth travelling with his parents along the merchantile hyperspace routes in a Sienar Mark 1 Bulk Freighter. It was in this time that he developed his preference for flying rather than trading, prefering to stay with the ship rather than getting bogged down in the intricacies of trade negotiations.

Those halcyon days were not to last however. When he was a little over 17, during a trade run to Toydaria, their vessel was attacked by pirates. Most of his family were killed, the rest, himself included, were sold into slavery to the Hutts. It was with the Hutts that Janak turned his simple merchant flying skills into practical combat ability. He found himself under the thumb of Hoskeb, a relatively young Hutt, who was trying to make a name for himself in the weapons running business to various parties “interested in civil unrest”. Initially, Janak was used to fly the transports being used, but as he survived trades-gone-bad, imperial ambushes and the attentions of other Hutts, he was given a modicum of training, put into the cockpit of a Sorosuub Preybird (the Zhari Maru) and retasked to run as escort for the missions..

But even this was to pass. Upon returning to Uyter, where Hoskeb had set himself self up a lovely “farm” as a front, Janak found a company of local military had come to dislodge their troublesome neighbour. It turned out that Hoskeb had managed to upset the vast majority of local officials by simply not bothering to bribe them, making them less willing to tolerate a weapons cartel on their doorstep. The fighting was fierce, but short. With nowhere to run, Hoskeb was captured, and the cartel was crushed. Janak evaded capture, and simultaneously escaped his enslavers, by fleeing aboard the Maru in the confusion.

Finding himself alone, relatively peniless, and his name somewhat associated with the Hutts (though only by those who actively dig for such information), Janak went to the numerous parties to whom he had helped sell weapons to. He has since been making something of a living running aerial interception and general support for ground forces. That is until he met them…

Janak Highwing

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