Jake "Banshee" Morsefa

A Mando Mercenary and Commander of the Dogs of War



Jake is 6’4’’ tall and weighs 202lb. He is heavily muscled with a solid bone structure. His skin is dark and his features are rugged and handsome. He keeps his head shaved and a meticulously groomed goatee. His eyes are a very light grey-blue.



Jake was born the eldest child of a Soccoran Smuggler and a Mando Mercenary. He inherited his mother’s talents for battle and his father’s talent for piloting all manner of vehicles. His upbringing was more Mando than Soccoran though his father still managed to instil in him the typical Socorran sense of loyalty and morals.

At the age of Eighteen rather than following in his father’s footsteps and joining the Black Bhalir or following in his mother’s footsteps and joining a Mando mercenary company, Jake chose to join the Imperial Army. Jake’s aptitude tests put him among those best suited to serve in the Armour Divisions. His scores during basic and advanced training placed him in the top two percent of his class. Jake was placed in the next batch of recruits for the Hells Hammers repulsor tank regiment.

Jake served for five years in the Hammers rising to the rank of Sergeant. Jake left the Hammers after the Battle of Turak IV, the Hammers most famous defeat. Jake returned home and spent some time working with his father before striking out as an independent mercenary.

He served with a number of different mercenary bands before falling in with a small group of rebels. He service with the rebels was fairly short lived. He completed half a dozen missions before taking on a job to steal a package from a secret imperial base. His employer was a criminal hailing from the planet of Cotswain, and he was offering a lot of money for the job. Jake completed the job and made the exchange. Only later did he find out that the item he had stolen was a deadly nerve agent. Concerned that he had put such an item into the hands of a criminal, Jake recruited a band of mercenaries that he had worked with over the years and hunted down the criminal. They retrieved the nerve agent and destroyed it safely.

The mercenaries decided to stick together and they formed the small group that they called the Dogs of War. A few months later Jake heard that his uncle had recently passed and left him his worldly possessions. Jake inherited his uncle’s ship, lightsaber and his journal. The information in the Journal led Jake and his band to the Star Kingdom of Valdemar. Shortly after their arrival in the Star Kingdom their adventures led to them becoming embroiled in the service of the White Haven faction.

While on a mission back into imperial space a member of the Dogs of War was captured by a Hutt crime lord while aboard Jalivar Station. In the process of preparing for the assault to rescue their captured member the Dogs joined up with a group of adventurers, one of whose members had also been captured by the same Hutt. They rescued their companion and returned to the Star Kingdom.

Jake "Banshee" Morsefa

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