Jacob Tolwin


Jacob Tolwin was born on Corellia 34 standard years ago. His father was a prominent officer in the Corellian Navy; his mother was a world renowned professor of Galactic History. Jacob was afforded the best of educations before enrolling in the Stimetos Academy, the premier academy for aspiring officers in the Corellian Armed Forces.

Jacob graduated at 22 years old and was commissioned 2nd Lieutenant in the 58th Corellian Rifles. He served in the Rifles for 5 years rising to the rank of Captain and earning the 2nd class of Bloodstripe during the Selonian uprising. Following his commendation he was placed on a Senate Guard rotation joining the Guard unit of Senator Garm Bel Iblis. While working for the Senator Jacob gained an intimate knowledge and familiarity with Imperial Intelligence doctrine. During his four year sting in the Senate Guard duty he earned the First Class of bloodstripe when he singlehandedly fought of an assassination team sent to kill the senator. Jacob was badly wounded in this altercation and was shipped back to Corellia for treatment. He spent the best part of six months recuperating from his wounds. When he was fully recovered he was transferred to a Special Operations squad. While he was convalescing Senator Bel Iblis had investigated the attempt on his life and while he was unable to prove it he was sure that the team sent to kill him was part of Imperial Intelligence. Bel Iblis formed a Special Unit of the Corellian armed forces to prepare for future attempts by the empire to eliminate him and even occupy the Corellian System.

Jacob spent the next twelve months running Counter-espionage missions against the empire. His team caught wind of the attack on the Senator and his family but only arrived in time to save the Senator. The senator’s family was killed in the attempt, but they managed to save the Senator, evade the imperial strike team and escape. The assault on the senator and his family coincided with the coup that resulted in the rise of the Diktat. The Senator rallied what forces he could and tried to resist but they were grossly overmatched. The senator ordered his remaining forces to scatter. Jacob was attached to Admiral Liet and the Battle Cruiser Star Warrior. Admiral Liet and his forces eventually arrived in Larpa Sector where they began to set up a hidden base. After two years of campaigning Jacob’s Special Ops team was severely depleted and his unit was merged with the remnants of another team known as the Mages. Jacob was placed as second in command to Commander Terron Kardde.


Jacob is the stereo typical Corellian military man. He is intelligent and calculating and while he personally does not have any time for odds he does not ignore them. He is possessed of a sound tactical mind and a deep and rigid sense of honour and professionalism. He is optimistic and has a wry sense of humour. He is a hard drinking man with a penchant for gambling when off duty, he also has a penchant for practical jokes. He is duty bound and loyal to the Admiral and the Rebel cause. He misses his home and knows that he cannot return home until the Empire and the Diktat falls.

Jacob Tolwin

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