Eloy Rasnik

Navigator and Pilot


Eloy is a slightly gawky looking human in his late 20s. He has an unruly mop of medium brown hair and dark green eyes. He is slight of build and somewhat in attentive of his appearance.


Eloy was born on Derilyn in the Elrood sector. During his education he showed a surprising natural talent for Three dimensional mathematics. The skills were recognised and he was awarded a scholarship to attend the imperial naval academy on Prefsbelt IV. After graduation he served as the Chief Navigator on an Imperial Armoured Merchant ship for two years until his vessel was captured by a pirate group. Eloy was sold to a group of slavers and found himself in the service of a Hutt crime lord.

Eloy was with the Hutt acting as his personal shuttle pilot and astrogator for four years until the Party put an end to the Hutt’s career. Since then Eloy has been helping out the party as an auxiliary pilot and navigator.

Since hearing what happened when the Empire suppressed the city of Paran on Derilyn he has decided that he will never serve the Empire again and wishes to oppose the Empire in any way he can.

Eloy Rasnik

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