Jimi's Star Wars Campaign

Session 4 – Scouting the COMPNOR base on Brentaal IV

Having investigated the information they have acquired so far from Janek’s flybys and hacking the weather satellite systems the party decided that they needed to scout the area near the base. So they hired themselves a civilian camper craft and pretended to be regular hikers.

They were able to scout the lands around the location of the base. They observed a number of deliveries to the base and a number of flights of Ties and even a single flight of Blastboats leaving the base. Due to the rate at which they were returning the party have made an educated guess that the craft based here were running two hour CAPS. Nathan recognised that the base itself was not a standard Imperial design. Considering how long Brentaal has been a major stopping point it was not a surprise that the Imperial’s would have taken over a base built under the Republic. They observed the base for several hours recording as much footage as possible before returning to their accommodation’s in the capital city.

Upon their return the computer experts Datina the Woostoid and Mascar a Human slicer took the footage and began processing it. Using the footage and general telemetry data they were able to produce a basic map of the surrounding area and base. In their absence the others had not been idle either. Jake was able to provide the party with a rough layout of the base dating back to four years ago when it had been an Imperial Army base. Using his information they were able to determine that the base has twelve floors throughout, the exception to this being what he referred to as the Core Section. The core contains only six levels and can be accessed only on the even levels of the main base. The core contains data core, communications and operations centres.

A plan was hatched where members of the party would masquerade as a high ranking member of Imperial Intelligence, with an eight man escort and an air headed secretary carrying out an inspection of the base. With a plan in place the party set to creating the necessary identities for the party and their vessel. As well as modifying the appearance of the commando armour and weaponry to make them more appropriate to the situation. The only thing left to do was to determine how they would get the Spike into the computer systems and start copying the data held in the computer core. The tech crew got together and taking the five computers that had been purchased for the job. They stripped the data cores from four of the machines and built a single receiving unit into a large briefcase. Then they stripped a standard data port from one of the discarded machines. They re-engineered the data port and do that the eject system would push a data crystal into a data port. This they then built into the bottom of the remaining laptop machine. With these things accomplished they then networked the laptops together and installed a program that would search for data and then start copying it.

With the plan in place and the equipment sorted the mission is a launch in little under four hours. It is time for the non-combatants to leave and the others to get ready.