Jimi's Star Wars Campaign

Session 3

Session 3 – The Temple then back to the Core

The characters had stayed the night at the manor home of their contact Deremot Nadesah, who was known to Roach as Whistler. The next morning over breakfast they discussed their plans and Deremot informed them that he had begun the process of acquiring the paper work and other forms and permits to allow them to register their new company the Ordinem Aquilae.

The party made a decision to pursue the leads they had acquired on the Praxia Horison and head for the temple. Jake offered to guide them to the temple and also asked if he could join the Ordinem. Once at the temple Jake introduced them to Master Yanasa Aster. Master Aster explained the rules of the temple to Zaal who was looking for a teacher to train under. He was accepted to the temple and stayed for a week while they determined where his strengths and weaknesses lay so they could provide the best advice on the path his training should take. Roach also stayed at the temple.

The rest of the party returned to Khalist and begun preparations for their return to Imperial Space. When the Jedi at the temple discovered their desire to return to imperial space they decided to send Jedi Knight Erosa Martinos with them to continue Zaal’s training and to gather some experience and intel on imperial space.

When the time came to leave they packed themselves into the Cube and departed heading once more into the Carbal Nebula. Unfortunately the Astromech droid made some mistakes in his calculations and the Cube dropped out of Hyperspace having suffered damage to the main drive. Janak with the assistance of the Xa Fel, Spozark Crolts were able to repair the hyperdrive. While the repairs were underway Eloy Rasnik worked up a three point hyperspace route that would add some time to the journey but would be considerably safer than a direct route.

They cleared the Nebula safely and headed for the Minos Cluster and the planet Adarlon. Once on Adarlon the party made contact with a black marketer by the name of Ganos Idrahin. They managed a deal to purchase a Computer Spike however they were forced to leave a member of their party as insurance on the deal. The party decided to leave both Soli, the Kubaz info merchant and Kal’Tinra the Twi’Lek merchant on Adarlon in the company of Ganos.

From Adarlon the party travelled core ward and arrived on Brentaal in Bormea Sector. Once there the party began data gathering missions. Janak was tasked with determining the no fly zones and traffic control systems, Datina, the Woostoid slicer was tasked with a special mission, while Roach was once more tasked with contacting the black market on Brentaal and Nathan put in a call to Jacob Tolwin asking for information.

And so the party are currently on Brentaal what they plan next who can say?