Jimi's Star Wars Campaign

Session 1

Session 1 – The Gateway to Arbrax

The characters have arrived in the Arbrax Sector on the planet of Mors-Colis. They dropped off their passengers at the temple and one of their companions, known as Starkiller who has chosen to stay at the temple to study there.

From there the characters travelled to the nearest star port in the city of Khalist. There they took on a guide to the city, a Twi’lek woman who goes by the name of Roach. The characters registered themselves as independent security consultants. While Zaal and Victus pursued information on the Jedi vessel Praxia Horizon, the rest organised a meeting with a businessman based in Khalist to sell the cargo they had brought with them.

They got a good price for their cargo and were commissioned to deliver a small cargo of weapons to an unnamed group in the city of Covis some fifty kilometres from Khalist. On the way to Covis they were stopped by a military patrol of two APVs. Rather than submit for inspection Vilo opened up on the first APV with a PLEX rocket launcher. The party were able to defeat the patrol and continue on to Covis.

Once in Covis they dropped of their cargo at the agreed location, took their speeder trucks to a local repair shop to fix the blaster holes and checked into a large hotel on one of the main thoroughfares.