A long time ago in a Galaxy far far away…..

Document encrypted using Aurel-Besh-Fen mark VI. Successfully decrypted using protocol N6LLV-Corpus.
From: Commander Terron Karde, Magenta Squadron
To: Jacob Tolwin, Capt. Magenta Squadron
The Admiral has requested that we assist local rebel groups resisting the Empire throughout Sacretos sector. Sacretos lies in close proximity to the Admiral’s current theatre of Operations and it is his hope that by assisting local rebel forces we can both drain Imperial forces in the region and reduce the Empire’s abilities to respond to any action he may perpetrate.
As such it is my intention to send all current Mage Speicial Ops members not currently directly involved in any on going operations to various hot spots throughout the sector.
SOPS do not allow me divulge the missions of your fellow operatives.
Your assignment is to travel to the Manaros system. (see attached data file for more details)
There you are to gain entry to the Planet Ars-Colis, we have provided you with the necessary documentation and IDs to allow you to pass customs. As per SOPs your exit identity and papers will be provided to you through dead letter drop at a later date. We have placed a sum equal to 100,000 credits in untraceable numbered accounts that you will be able to access from the Royal Ars-Colis Bank.
Once you have arrived on planet you are to make contact with a group of Rebels operating out of the Liktos Mountain ranges. The most recent Intelligence on Ars-Colis suggests that the group goes by the name of The Loyalists Liberation Army.
Our intelligence resources have put together a number of files on the prominent members of the LLA, see appended documents 19345.12, 19345.13 and 19345.14.
Our intelligence reports which are roughly six standard months out of date suggest that the Loyalist forces are the remnants of the original armed forces belonging to House Quilox the ruling family of Ars-Colis prior to Imperial occupation. As such it is suggested that the forces may be well equipped highly motivated and extremely loyal to their cause. While these forces may be well trained in conventional tactics it is unlikely that they will be familiar with the tactics of Guarilla warfare.
You will place yourself in an advisory role and establish a cell network system. You will need to train them in counter-espionage and guerrilla tactics if they are to remain an effective thorn in the Empires side.
Your secondary objectives should be to look to the possibility of recruiting the LLA to Admiral Liet’s cause.
You can expect periodic updates through protocol Danrys-Gappa
I will expect regular reports to be sent via protocol Kappa-Ilfa
If your mission should be compromised protocol Sigmar-Dracis is to be executed.
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