A long time ago in a Galaxy far far away…..

Having made a name for themselves in the greater galaxy the character’s quest to find a master for Zaal has led them to the Star Kingdom of Valdemar in the Arbrax Sector. This area of space is currently riven by Civil War as two factions vie for control of the Star Kingdom.

The route to Arbrax is a difficult one and the sector is effectively cut off from the greater galaxy and the struggle against the Empire.

The houses of North Hollow and White Haven constantly struggle for control.

A greater and more subtle battle is waged between the Light and the Dark.

But what else lies within the Arbrax sector, new Alien Races, lost artefacts of Cultures long gone, or things not yet dreamt of in their realities.

Only time will tell what impact the Characters will have upon this sector of space.

It can only be said that these are sure to be interesting times.

Jimi's Star Wars Campaign

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