Part the Third

Victus gets on the communications gear and hacks us into their encrypted feed. Excellent, now we can listen in on their radio chatter, and be alerted to the fact that they are alerted, when in fact, they are alerted. Vilo’Man, Z, Janak and I stealth off to our respective corner guard posts. Silence. Blessed Silence. Oh how I have missed you since we got lumbered with that damned bird. Three guard posts fall on cue, but blaster fire erupts from the last one. Dammit Janak, stealth, not strength. Dammit, they are Imperial Veterans – This isn’t as easy a job as it first looked. Something screwy is going on here. I have a really bad feeling about this.

The mobile guards check in with the border posts. Victus you beauty, I could kiss you. Looping back previous ‘check ins’ at them is a stroke of genius. The alert is quashed before it is ever really raised. So we approach the compound, while Janak goes for the Lambda shuttle. Zaal joins us and quietly cuts his way through the wall of the main building a few minutes after the guards passed that point using that light saber of his.

I send loyal #9 to wait by the Barracks door, with instructions that if they come charging through, to detonate. That leaves just the mobile guards on this floor as a potential threat. Following them into the massive hallway we position ourselves ready to catch them by surprise when a command is issued over the Comms. The barracked soldiers leap into action and stream out of the door, straight into #9. The explosion rocks the building as the patrol guards rush past us to assist their colleagues. A quick stab to the throat and one is down. The other goes down Execution Style. Two blaster bolts to the back of the head, from Vilo’Man. Z appears and asks for instructions. I send him down to mop up any barrack room survivors, while we move up the floors.

We run to the lift and loudly call to each other to grab it and head straight for the 2nd floor. Instead, poor #9s brother, #10 is put into the lift and sent up to greet them as they surround us at the top. Another large explosion, and a whole group of Veteran Stormtroopers lay dead.

Vilo’Man takes the opportunity in the confusion to charge his jet pack and skip the middle floor altogether. Blaster fire follows him up as he zooms cleanly past the troopers laying in wait. Zaan and I split up and each charge a different direction up the stairs. Another explosion, this time not one of mine and Zaan nearly loses a foot to a grenade. Angered by the abuse of my alien buddy, I spin around at the top, spraying rapid but accurate blaster fire at the three Stormtroopers and the Dark Jedi waiting at the top. 6 shots find their mark easily. Two each on the 3 ‘troopers. But the Jedi defects my bolts with his damned light saber. I REALLY hate drokkin’ light sabers. One of the bolts hits me and I feel a sharp searing pain in the upper chest. Great, I’m hit. That’s just gonna make me want revenge, boyo. During this time, Vilo’Man has fired rockets at the ’troopers, and one at the ceiling… I sure hope he knows what he is doing.

Zaan draws his saber and the two start to duel, weighing each other up, when a message from Janak comes over the comms. “you might want to clear the way” or some such. Its hard to hear over the clashing blades. Hearing the heavy duty engines just outside the wall, I quickly flip over the banister, moments after Zaan did the same. Heavy lasers, starship cannon by the size of the bolts, tear through the wall above me, incinerating the Imperial Jedi where he stands. ‘Deflect this, banthafucker’ I mutter under my breath as a message comes over the comms from Vilo’Man “I have the package”. Sneaky fucker. There’s hope for him yet.

I ask Victus to offer the remaining soldiers a chance to surrender. Of course, they don’t. I wasn’t really expecting them to, but at least this way I don’t have to feel bad about them dying. I know how the Imperial war machine can chew up and spit out innocents warped by the propaganda it spouts. They are no different to how I was. Only I saw sense eventually.

Z offers to mop up the last of them after they refuse. I think that droid likes killing a little too much. I turn my attention to the ruins of the house. After all, the owner isn’t going to need it, in whatever level of hell he found himself in. Might as well recoup costs. I need to replace #9 and #10 soon.

To be continued…

Part the Third

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