EG6-T9 "Gronk"

A Familiar Looking Power Droid, With A Nefarious Purpose


Dexterity: 1D
Knowledge: 1D
Languages: 4d
Mechanical: 1D
Energise Power Cells: 5d+2
Perception: 1D
Strength: 1D
Technical: 3D
Machinery Repair: 5d
Repulsorlift Repair: 4d+1
Systems Diagnosis: 5d

Equipped With:

  • Video Sensor
  • Bipedal Locomotion
  • Ultrafine Manipulator (+1d to Technical Skills)
  • System Diagnosis Package (+1d to System Diagnosis)
  • Cybot Acoustic Signaller (Droid and Computer Languages Only – EG-6’s cannot speak Basic or other common languages)
  • Energy Containment Cells (Capable of Recharging a Walker-class vehicle in one standard day, before needing recharging itself)
  • Armoured Housing (+2D to Strength for Damage Resistance Purposes)

EG6-T9 "Gronk"

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