Armoury of the Peace


The Armoury is a concealed Sensor protected room in the Core of the Shuttle.

8 Suits of Slate Grey Commando Armour (str + 2, + 1D to Hide/Sneak)
8 Suits of Heavy Assault Armour (Str + 2D, -1D to Dex)
-Micro Server package + 1D strength and related skills
-Macro Vision view plate + 2D Search
8 Commando Issue Utility Belts
8 Heavy Assault Utility Belts
8 Blastech A280 Blaster Rifles with Underslung Viper 2 Grenade Launchers
8 SoroSuub Firelance Blaster Carbines
8 Blaster Pistols
8 Heavy Blaster Pistols
4 Hold-out Blasters
16 Laserhone Talon Vibroblades
2 Riot Guns
2 Medium Repeating Blasters
1 Plex Rocket Launcher
2 Grenade Launchers
1 .50 Caliber Sniper Rifle with Scope.
100 Blaster Power Packs
Portable Recharge Station
20 Frag Grenade
20 Smoke Grenades
2 full Demolitions Kits
5 Thermal Detonators
1 Thermal Well


Armoury of the Peace

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